• RESTO.REN - Dr Ruhila Roslan

    Dr Ruhila Roslan

    Superb! 😊 Loving the resto.lite that i bought, and still using it until now. Very handy and convenient, i’ve use it with iphoneX, with digital camera, all photos turned out good!

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  • RESTO.REN - Dr Aiden Ooi

    Dr Aiden Ooi

    I would highly recommend resto.lite for starters. It is easy to set up, user friendly and I can bring it with me whenever I go. Photo quality is awesome even with a phone!

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  • RESTO.REN - Dr Kung Soon Heng

    Dr Kung Soon Heng

    Honestly impressed with the extents dental photography could go to with resto.lite.

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  • RESTO.REN - Dr Chew MX

    Dr Chew MX

    Resto.lite has been a game changer ever since i bought it. It is convenient and I am able to capture all the details in such a short time. I suggest that everyone should start practicing dental photography.

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